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DuyHung Xuất sắc

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Hello AskPerf Blog Readers! This morning’s post is going to be more of a reference point for all those WMI junkies out there.  Have you ever wanted to test WMI using the command line (outside of VBSCRIPT)?  If so, then WMIC is the tool for you.  In its simplest form, WMIC is a utility that allows you to interact with WMI from a WMI-aware command-line shell.  All WMI objects and their properties, including their methods, are accessible through the shell, which makes WMIC an advanced systems management console.
This blog will assume that you already have a grasp of WMI and are looking for more WMI testing options via the Command Line.  With that said, the following is a list of WMIC queries that you can run on your Workstations/Servers.
To execute these queries, run “WMIC” at a command prompt, followed by one of the following alias/es:
baseboardget Manufacturer, Model, Name, PartNumber, slotlayout, serialnumber, poweredon
biosget name, version, serialnumber
bootconfigget BootDirectory, Caption, TempDirectory, Lastdrive
cdromget Name, Drive, Volumename
computersystemget Name, domain, Manufacturer, Model, NumberofProcessors, PrimaryOwnerName,Username, Roles, totalphysicalmemory /format:list
cpuget Name, Caption, MaxClockSpeed, DeviceID, status
datafilewhere name='c:\\boot.ini' get Archive, FileSize, FileType, InstallDate, Readable, Writeable, System, Version
dcomappget Name, AppID /format:list
desktopget Name, ScreenSaverExecutable, ScreenSaverActive, Wallpaper /format:list
desktopmonitorget screenheight, screenwidth
diskdriveget Name, Manufacturer, Model, InterfaceType, MediaLoaded, MediaType
diskquotaget User, Warninglimit, DiskSpaceUsed, QuotaVolume
environmentget Description, VariableValue
fsdirwhere name='c:\\windows' get Archive, CreationDate, LastModified, Readable, Writeable, System, Hidden, Status
groupget Caption, InstallDate, LocalAccount, Domain, SID, Status
idecontrollerget Name, Manufacturer, DeviceID, Status
irqget Name, Status
jobget Name, Owner, DaysOfMonth, DaysOfWeek, ElapsedTime, JobStatus, StartTime, Status
loadorderget Name, DriverEnabled, GroupOrder, Status
logicaldiskget Name, Compressed, Description, DriveType, FileSystem, FreeSpace, SupportsDiskQuotas, VolumeDirty, VolumeName
memcacheget Name, BlockSize, Purpose, MaxCacheSize, Status
memlogicalget AvailableVirtualMemory, TotalPageFileSpace, TotalPhysicalMemory, TotalVirtualMemory
memphysicalget Manufacturer, Model, SerialNumber, MaxCapacity, MemoryDevices
netclientget Caption, Name, Manufacturer, Status
netloginget Name, Fullname, ScriptPath, Profile, UserID, NumberOfLogons, PasswordAge, LogonServer, HomeDirectory, PrimaryGroupID
netprotocolget Caption, Description, GuaranteesSequencing, SupportsBroadcasting, SupportsEncryption, Status
netuseget Caption, DisplayType, LocalName, Name, ProviderName, Status
nicget AdapterType, AutoSense, Name, Installed, MACAddress, PNPDeviceID,PowerManagementSupported, Speed, StatusInfo
nicconfigget MACAddress, DefaultIPGateway, IPAddress, IPSubnet, DNSHostName, DNSDomain
nicconfigget MACAddress, IPAddress, DHCPEnabled, DHCPLeaseExpires, DHCPLeaseObtained, DHCPServer
nicconfigget MACAddress, IPAddress, DNSHostName, DNSDomain, DNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder, DNSEnabledForWINSResolution, DNSServerSearchOrder
nicconfigget MACAddress, IPAddress, WINSPrimaryServer, WINSSecondaryServer, WINSEnableLMHostsLookup, WINSHostLookupFile
ntdomainget Caption, ClientSiteName, DomainControllerAddress, DomainControllerName, Roles, Status
nteventwhere (LogFile='system' and SourceName='W32Time') get Message, TimeGenerated
nteventwhere (LogFile='system' and SourceName='W32Time' and Message like '%timesource%') get Message, TimeGenerated
nteventwhere (LogFile='system' and SourceName='W32Time' and EventCode!='29') get TimeGenerated, EventCode, Message
onboarddeviceget Description, DeviceType, Enabled, Status
osget Version, Caption, CountryCode, CSName, Description, InstallDate, SerialNumber, ServicePackMajorVersion, WindowsDirectory /format:list
osget CurrentTimeZone, FreePhysicalMemory, FreeVirtualMemory, LastBootUpTime, NumberofProcesses, NumberofUsers, Organization, RegisteredUser, Status
pagefileget Caption, CurrentUsage, Status, TempPageFile
pagefilesetget Name, InitialSize, MaximumSize
partitionget Caption, Size, PrimaryPartition, Status, Type
printerget DeviceID, DriverName, Hidden, Name, PortName, PowerManagementSupported, PrintJobDataType, VerticalResolution, Horizontalresolution
printjobget Description, Document, ElapsedTime, HostPrintQueue, JobID, JobStatus, Name, Notify, Owner, TimeSubmitted, TotalPages
processget Caption, CommandLine, Handle, HandleCount, PageFaults, PageFileUsage, PArentProcessId, ProcessId, ThreadCount
productget Description, InstallDate, Name, Vendor, Version
qfeget description, FixComments, HotFixID, InstalledBy, InstalledOn, ServicePackInEffect
quotasettingget Caption, DefaultLimit, Description, DefaultWarningLimit, SettingID, State
recoverosget AutoReboot, DebugFilePath, WriteDebugInfo, WriteToSystemLog
Registryget CurrentSize, MaximumSize, ProposedSize, Status
scsicontrollerget Caption, DeviceID, Manufacturer, PNPDeviceID
serverget ErrorsAccessPermissions, ErrorsGrantedAccess, ErrorsLogon, ErrorsSystem, FilesOpen, FileDirectorySearches
serviceget Name, Caption, State, ServiceType, StartMode, pathname
shareget name, path, status
sounddevget Caption, DeviceID, PNPDeviceID, Manufacturer, status
startupget Caption, Location, Command
sysaccountget Caption, Domain, Name, SID, SIDType, Status
sysdriverget Caption, Name, PathName, ServiceType, State, Status
systemenclosureget Caption, Height, Depth, Manufacturer, Model, SMBIOSAssetTag, AudibleAlarm, SecurityStatus, SecurityBreach, PoweredOn, NumberOfPowerCords
systemslotget Number, SlotDesignation, Status, SupportsHotPlug, Version, CurrentUsage, ConnectorPinout
tapedriveget Name, Capabilities, Compression, Description, MediaType, NeedsCleaning, Status, StatusInfo
timezoneget Caption, Bias, DaylightBias, DaylightName, StandardName
useraccountget AccountType, Description, Domain, Disabled, LocalAccount, Lockout, PasswordChangeable, PasswordExpires, PasswordRequired, SID
*UPDATE* 12/13/2012
memorychipget BankLabel, Capacity, Caption, CreationClassName, DataWidth, Description, Devicelocator, FormFactor, HotSwappable, InstallDate, InterleaveDataDepth, InterleavePosition, Manufacturer, MemoryType, Model, Name, OtherIdentifyingInfo, PartNumber, PositionInRow, PoweredOn, Removable, Replaceable, SerialNumber, SKU, Speed, Status, Tag, TotalWidth, TypeDetail, Version
DuyHung Xuất sắc

Cấp bậc: Xuất sắc

Giới tính : Nam

Bài viết : 1275

Danh vọng : 2287

Uy tín : 32

Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity & XP

When you open a file in Windows, such as an .exe, .cmd, .reg, .regedit, .secfile, .com, or .bat file, a different program or file may start. Additionally, the icon for the file may not appear as expected. You may also receive additional errors from the from the program it starts. Link,
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#4Useful WMIC Queries Empty Re: Useful WMIC Queries


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